Xfer Videos

Xfer Videos is an iPhone app that allows you to transfer videos stored in your camera roll between Apple iMobile devices such as the iPhone and iPad. Once the BlueTooth connection is established between the devices, choose your video and the app automatically begins transmitting it via BlueTooth to the other device. Once received on the other device you can view the video and save it to your camera roll.
Known limitations: On devices lower than the iPhone 3Gs one can only receive videos because of the limitations to the built in video pickers on those devices, so they cannot transmit videos.
Note: This is for videos stored in your device's camera roll. The Xfer Videos app will not transfer videos stored in your iPod music or Videos apps, such as music videos and movies downloaded from iTunes.

Xfer Videos is available on the iTunes App Store


8/2/2010 - Submitted Xfer Videos to app store.


Question: HD videos from an iPhone 4 can not be saved to an older model iPhone because of incompatibility.
Answer:Since the HD format was not contemplated for older iPhone's it does not recognize it as a valid format. However, it may work if the iPhone 3G is upgraded to iOS4. I'm not sure at this time because I don't have an iPhone 3Gs with iOS4 to test with.

Question: I can't select more than one video at a time in the video picker dialog
Answer: Videos are loaded one at a time. The image picker interface doesn't allow one to pick more than one video at a time.

Question: How do I trim a video clip?
Answer: Trim the video by selecting the portion of the video you want to import using the sliders on the film strip at the top of the video import window which appears after you select which video you want to import. Trimming is not available on devices lower than the iPhone 3Gs.

Question: Is there a maximum size of a video clip I can load?
Answer: There is a maximum 10 minute size to importing video clips on the iPhone's regular video picker. This is a built in limitation of the iPhone OS, so there is nothing I can do to lengthen it unless Apple decides to change this limitation.

Question: Does Xfer Videos work on iPhones other than the 3Gs and iPhone 4?
Answer: Because of limitations with the hardware of iPhones lower than 3Gs and iPod Touches some features are not available, such as trimming. However, one can receive videos that are sent from other devices.

Question: Can I use videos from third party apps or non-iPhone sources?
Answer: If it is in the incorrect QuickTime format, you may not be able to save it on the other device due to incompatibility with the iPhone.

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