Video Splicer

Video Splicer allows you to do simple video editing by joining together video clips taken by your iPhone 3Gs to make combined movies with different scenes. Choose your video clip and the video clip is automatically spliced to the end of the current video project. You can review your movie in Video Splicer before saving it. Once saved to your camera roll, your movies can be viewed on your iPhone or sent via the iPhone's Photos application to YouTube, MMS, or eMail. Trimming is available on 3Gs iPhones. Limited functionality on non-3Gs iPhones.

Video Splicer is available on the iTunes App Store




* There may be a delay after the image picker as the app stores the file in the app's file system and splices the files.


2/28/2010 - Video Splicer 2.0 uploaded to the app store with a ton of improvements. Hopefully it will be released by Apple before too long. Improvements include:

  • Increased video splicing engine speed.
  • Video Splicer now immediately returns once video trimming completed.
  • Video duration indicator changed from seconds to 00:00 format.
  • User interface revised.
  • Projects now retained between uses of the program.
  • New splash screen.
  • Video picker now only shows videos.
  • Added undo functionality.
  • Added reset to new video project functionality.
  • Added video resolution compatibility check.
  • Fixed crash issue with the video saver function.
  • Updated instructions.
  • Video splicing progress indicator added.

    3/1/2010 - Next improvements being planned include trying to implement support for videos captured by third party apps, like Qik Video, for iPhones other than the 3Gs. Signed up for App Store icon program. Video Splicer was featured in an Apple Gazette article.

    3/3/2010 - Video Splicer 2.0 is up at the App Store. One issue in the 2.0 version is that since I restricted the Camera Roll Video Picker to just videos it crashes when trying to load a video on an iPhone lower than 3Gs. While Video Splicer was initially intended for 3Gs phones I have gotten requests for support for other iPhones. This issue should be fixed in version 2.1 when I add support for 3G phones and their third party video recording apps.

    3/4/2010 - Crash issue also may occur if you import videos from elsewhere and try to splice them, again this should be fixed in version 2.1.

    3/8/2010 - non-3Gs functionality may have to wait until version 2.2. Still working on issues.

    3/15/2010 - Uploaded version 2.1 to the app store. Video splicer seems to work okay with videos created by iVideoCamera (a third party app). Qik Video Recorder is no longer available on the app store so I can't test that. Splicing with videos from Qik Fun Video splicing works for the first two clips then seems to lose it.


    Question: I can't select more than one video at a time in the video picker dialog
    Answer: Videos are loaded one at a time. The image picker interface doesn't allow one to pick more than one video at a time. After loading the first video, click Load Video to load the second (or third etc...) video files one at a time. The newly added videos will be automatically spliced to the end of the latest combined video as they are loaded one at a time.

    Question: How do I trim a video clip?
    Answer: Trim the video by selecting the portion of the video you want to import using the sliders on the film strip at the top of the video import window which appears after you select which video you want to import. Trimming is not available on non-3Gs iPhones/Touch.

    Question: Is there a maximum size of a video clip I can load?
    Answer: There is a maximum 10 minute size to importing video clips on the iPhone 3Gs's regular video picker. This is a built in limitation of the iPhone OS, so there is nothing I can do to lengthen it unless Apple decides to change this limitation. However with the new alternate video picker, one can import a video file longer than 10 minutes. Also, videos can be spliced together to a size larger than 10 minutes and saved with a duration longer than 10 minutes.

    Question: Does Video Splicer work with third party video recording applications?
    Answer: Third party apps may not use the same video format as used in the QuickTime implementation of the iPhone 3Gs's built in video recorder. However, it seems to work fine with the iVideoCamera app. It has some problems with Qik's Fun Camera videos. Qik's regular Video Recorder is no longer in the app store, so I can't test that. Also, a third party video recording app must be able to save to the iPhone's camera roll, which some apps, such as Qik Live, do not currently do. I am working testing and on adding support for third party video recording apps in future releases. However, I do not have many third party video recording apps to test with.

    Question: Does Video Splicer work on iPhones other than the 3Gs?
    Answer: Because of limitations with the hardware of non-3Gs iPhones and Touches some features are not available, such as trimming. However, one can splice videos that are in the correct format. An alternate video picker was added to Video Splicer in release 2.1. Not all third party video recording apps use the correct QuickTime format however.

    Question: Can I import videos?
    Answer: Videos can be imported with iTunes to the iPhone's Photo Library. Note: many third party apps do not record in the correct QuickTime format used by the iPhone and iTunes often rejects those.

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